Athlete Appearances template

My experiences as an athlete provide me with a fascinating insight into success and what it takes to reach your goals. I enjoy visiting businesses, schools and organisations to share my experiences and motivate others to succeed. I’m a competent and personable speaker; able to deliver a speech, take part in Q&A or deliver individual or group sessions with professionalism.

School Assembly
Inspirational speech
Train Like Me

They were inspired not only in sport but by the way she was encouraging them to dream – it didn’t matter what their dream was, they just had to work and keep on trying even if things got difficult.

Linda Radcliffe, Queensgate Primary, Isle of Wight

Up to 30 minute talk with extra time for questions about my skeleton career and the road to the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Focus on important qualities such as resilience, determination, hard work and courage and how they have helped me get to this point.

Aim to inspire the students to chase their dreams and follow their passions.

The content of all of the sessions was interesting, thought provoking and indeed inspirational and she seamlessly linked her elite sports world to our corporate world. 

Andy Butler, CEO SWRnewstar

Longer session exploring what it takes to thrive in the high performance world and an in-depth discussion of my experiences so far.

Designed for conferences, special events e.g. award ceremonies, festivals and businesses looking to inspire and learn from another industry. 

Opportunity for questions and interactive activities if applicable. 

Show and tell table; including a skeleton sled, helmet, spikes and race suit.

Kim was fantastic with our children. She was flexible in her approach, adapting sessions so that all were included. 

Adam Tuck, Newchurch Primary, Isle of Wight

Sixty or ninety minute skeleton masterclass - an introduction to skeleton*. 

Learn how I prepare for sliding and experience a sprint session with me.

Includes running drills, plyometrics, skeleton specific drills and visualisation.

*summer/dry training only

Bespoke Packages

Don't see what you have in mind? Please get in touch as I am flexible in what I can deliver. I can arrange bespoke packages to meet your needs including whole day or multiple day visits. In the past few years I have led race warm ups, given talks at festivals and spent half or whole days with a school. If based in Bath I can also offer regular visits e.g. coaching if desired.