About Me

I’m a skeleton athlete from the Isle of Wight. My ultimate goal is to win a gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Prior to trying skeleton I used to compete nationally and internationally at long jump (athletics).  I have two degrees and worked as an exercise physiologist in high performance sport prior to a sabbatical to pursue my own sporting goals. Skeleton is a winter sliding sport where the athlete slides on a sled down an icy track (the same on as bobsleigh) head first inches from the ice, reaching speeds of around 120 kph.

I first heard about skeleton when I was studying for my degree in sport and exercise science at the University of Bath. I remember watching Amy Williams late at night win gold for Team GB at the Vancouver games and later attended her homecoming to the University. It wasn’t until four years later however that my skeleton journey began by filling in an application form for the UK Sport talent ID search Power2Podium for the next British skeleton champion. Inspired by Lizzy Yarnold’s display of dominance after only five years in the sport I thought that could be me and my opportunity to get to the Olympics.